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   is my new Contemporary and Abstract Art Collection have a look 

Stepping on Up - Original - Paper & Acry

Stepping on Up - 2018 Paper/Acrylic 40x30cm by Dee Lawrence

Carnival Sun Dance - Dee Lawrence_edited

Carnival Sun Dance

2018 -

Medium- Cartridge paper and Acrylic

by Dee Lawrence

Welcome to 'Art and Patterns' my Contemporary and Abstract Art hub.  

I create Contemporary and Abstract Art for homes and office walls,

these are also available  as affordable Giclee Prints.


 Using the elements of colour, texture, shapes and positioning, I use Acrylic pours on blank papers to produce polychromatic effects. These papers are then cut into strips and manipulated across blank canvases to create my process driven Contemporary and Abstract artworks

My Contemporary and Abstract Art intentions allows me to convey colourful moods of positivity and strong narratives. I also like the fact that my work allows the viewer to carry away their own interpretation of what I have created. This situation, I think is perfect as it allows for colourful and inspirational art to be a central talking point in any space. If you have blank walls, the most creative way to fill them is with beautiful polychromatic wall art which is personal to you or you have an emotional connection with.

Homeowners, Businesses, Hotels and  Corporate office can use my wall art to define who they are or what they represent.

I also create Jewellery and Digital Surface Pattern Designs.

Have a look around.