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John Blanke Commission


1 Feb 2024

My first textile commission and it is by the John Blanke Project.

Networking at talks, exhibitions and other events allows you engage with other like minded people and spread the word about your art and design practice. The results can be surprisingly positive as I found out.

In 2020 I was approached and commissioned by Michael Ohajuru FRSA, Cultural Historian and custodian of the John Blanke Project to produce a small textile piece for this very important project.

I was truly honoured to be part of the group of artists chosen by Michael to take part in this ongoing project.

Our Spirits, Scars and Creativity have left marks and reminders across Europe and only our own will bring those histories forward to be pointed out and remembered -​so thank you to all you Historians - Dee

John Blanke was a trumpeter in the royal Courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Pictorial images of him exist and historical records show he was part of the Royal payroll.

You can delve deeper into his history at the John Blanke Project.

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